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We're gonna try making CG not shit again, and by we I mean me and maybe reximus fagtardicus.
I'm going to call no names in this DVD, I'm going to respect ya, Because I want to get you out the Road, that's what I want to do with you now Royal, that's me done and dusted.

Right I'm making this DVD here to reply back to Smelly Royal, Smelly Royal, had a few fags with at the bus stop the other day, one true fact is this, you have a forum called Comet......Gaming and you've been abandoning your forum since the age it was one. And you can't deny that, because I know it and every poster in this forums knows it.
Now, I'm fighting you, you sent for me Royal, I didn't send for you, you sent for me right, down the town.

I'm going to give you three months to train, because you're not fit enough, and I'm going to give myself three months, I want to be able to stand in front of you and bate the face of you. And don't forget I'm bringing a carpet knife aswell, so don't be fouling me in the fight or I'll give you a permanent smile, ya dirty..ya moron!
I'm making this news post here, for Blu Bastard.

Blu Bastard, you've been feeking your dirty good for nothing page of a forum, Comet Gaming, for 2 year or more.

Now, you know this is true.

You're on the last warning from the global admins, cause you're going around the forums, trying to get royal to go away with you with the wibbles.

I want to respect you, I don't want to call you names.

A boy called Royal wants to fight Blu Bastard, a fuckin' moron.
Is like a nun's cunt.
I am back! Hello! Yes, sorry for the absence! School and stuff and general MMO overload on my part! Anyway, I have been contacted by a member of the community actually asking to help. Please make yourself known, if your name is different than on Steam! That's someone who really wants the place to get back to greatness, and we, especially myself, have got complacent a sloppy. We need to start getting the place together. We need to have structure.

We need rules.

Now, at this moment, my brain does not work at 2am in the morning, so I will not start the proceedings with my own ideas. I will let the community start the discussion of what should or should not be looked at for the rules. Don't be shy, we wont hate you forever for a bad idea. We will start to compile a good Rules List at the bottom of my post as we go along. However, the Council, Globals, and Admins WILL have the last say, so be warned.

Good Luck.