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Niels is still paying to keep this website up even though nobody uses it (like 4/month iirc)
Just checking to make sure.
C'mon lads, it looked like the place had a faint pulse again. we don't need to come back in full, nor does the place need to be POST POST POST. It was quiet and peaceful before, but now its just fucking boring with the whiff of the squad coming back. We might as well. We've got Wibbles for God sake, and Blu Bastard's tales of Colloquial Shittery from his Auto-Biography "I'll clatter ye, ye filthy cunt". Where are the topic's dissing someone? being pissed off at someone or something else? Random controversial subjects? NOT the fucking Derpy Literal Shit-Storm Picture Posts. Where is the Shittery with Class, the Sophisticated Rudeness. The simple fucking around? The Anime. The NSWF.

The NSWF Anime.
Spoiler: show

The stupid Gifs, the music, the art. League of Legends, Team Fortress 2. The rage and anger. The laughing at others. The being immature when someone is being serious. The not-caring when someone is being serious. Trying and failing to be serious. The Kangaroos, Red Pandas. The fucking fucking fucking Banter! Bring it all back. Step by Step.

We're gonna try making CG not shit again, and by we I mean me and maybe reximus fagtardicus.
I'm going to call no names in this DVD, I'm going to respect ya, Because I want to get you out the Road, that's what I want to do with you now Royal, that's me done and dusted.

Right I'm making this DVD here to reply back to Smelly Royal, Smelly Royal, had a few fags with at the bus stop the other day, one true fact is this, you have a forum called Comet......Gaming and you've been abandoning your forum since the age it was one. And you can't deny that, because I know it and every poster in this forums knows it.
Now, I'm fighting you, you sent for me Royal, I didn't send for you, you sent for me right, down the town.

I'm going to give you three months to train, because you're not fit enough, and I'm going to give myself three months, I want to be able to stand in front of you and bate the face of you. And don't forget I'm bringing a carpet knife aswell, so don't be fouling me in the fight or I'll give you a permanent smile, ya dirty..ya moron!