Banlist Overview - Total Bans: 102
Pyro STEAM_0:0:40055762 Abusive admin cunt Pyro 10 min (Expired)
Le YeaBoy5 STEAM_0:0:55968149 Quit begging you faggot Pyro 2 d, 12 hr (Expired)
opiq7 STEAM_0:1:49555242 Begging Pyro 1 hr (Expired)
[F2P]Pyro is actually gay STEAM_0:0:45478681 banned for 10 minutes due to being homophobic @ admin Pyro 10 min (Expired)
The Anonimous Spy© STEAM_0:1:44251346 General dickery, threating, giving the admin trouble Pyro 2 d, 12 hr (Expired)
Lord Ezio STEAM_0:0:54674429 Trying to scam, ban for 10 minutes Pyro 10 min (Expired)
Hackbuster #68507 STEAM_0:1:43399302 Ignoring Admins Fleedling 1 wk (Expired)
Hackbuster #235 STEAM_0:1:54871962 Ignoring Admins Fleedling 1 wk (Expired)
Logie8822 STEAM_0:1:50204800 Banned for 5 minutes, stop using resizeme when you're told so Pyro 5 min (Expired)
Fleedling STEAM_0:0:31687565 test Pyro 1 min (Expired)
Pyro STEAM_0:0:40055762 Banned for 69 minutes because he's a lazy faggot Pyro 1 hr, 9 min (Expired)
BG| ItzzColin STEAM_0:0:18211215 I Pyro 10 min (Expired)
Pyro STEAM_0:0:40055762 FAG Pyro 1 min (Expired)
RenoTheNinjaCat STEAM_0:1:43800727 Same Fleedling Permanent
obcapers STEAM_0:0:36051453 [Pornagraphic Fleedling Permanent
[SCAMMER] kavry STEAM_0:0:24022966 Player is reported Scammer. Melkor Permanent
Aaron STEAM_0:1:46820045 Scamming McFly Permanent
OH CAMPER CAMPER STEAM_0:1:50068299 Insulting an Admin McFly 1 hr (Expired)
DAKA FROM AKTAU STEAM_0:1:48502081 Attempted Scamming Royal Republic Permanent
Max STEAM_0:0:22381261 Annoyance Royal Republic 1 hr (Expired)